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@cuckthefilm - Shot and Scene Breakdown by Nicholas Matthews, Cinematographer (@nmatthewsfilm)

For most of @cuckthefilm, we took the perspective of our lead character. Photographically, we wanted to enter his emotional landscape and to a degree that meant finding color, composition, and movement that evoked trauma, funneled through dissociation, exacerbated by isolation, paranoia, and vitriolic ideology.⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ To externalize that idea visually, I wanted to find ways to fragment and distort a locked off frame, but never in a way that felt unmotivated. Here, we used production design (a couple glass cups) in the f.g. to break apart the image to add another psychological dimension to this scene.⁠ Coupled with an immobile camera it has this feeling of being trapped within a distorted space.

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