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CUCK explores the themes of sexual isolation and the toxic confirmation bias of online extremism.

We wanted to tell a story from the perspective of a young, frustrated loner who lives in his own mind,

an empty vessel who takes in and reflects the hostility of today’s caustic political landscape.


He’s a Millennial, but a disenfranchised blue collar example with no prospects in a dead-end local economy. His reality has been warped by insecurity and a desire to assert a power that he doesn’t have. Seeking escape from his own emasculation, he begins to lash out at the world from behind the safety of his computer, berating his perceived enemies as “cucks” on his vlog channel. Ironically, his own sexuality is deeply scarred, from a severely dysfunctional relationship with his mentally unstable mother to exploitation at the hands of a predatory swinger couple with a niche “cam porn” business.


The project also confronts the explosive rise of fake news and inflammatory tribal politics, which are often reinforced by insular online communities. We wanted to hold up a mirror to the ways extremists can easily prey on the vulnerable via the unchecked power of the internet. Finally, we tackle the issue of gun worship in American society, a subject with a wide and glamorized sphere of influence but most pernicious among low income, young white men who feel impotent in the face of their stymied circumstances. Rather than reflect inward, they direct their anger outward. 


Touching on several topical nerves, CUCK is a fly-on-the-wall character study and macabre satire of an increasingly common and dangerous archetype. There’s nothing new about racism, misogyny, and xenophobia, yet the manner by which these age old cancers are repackaged and disseminated in America 2019 have indeed evolved. As the saying goes, "Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” and to that end we intend to illuminate a destructive new element in our society that needs to be examined. CUCK gives a raw, unforgiving glimpse into a dark world that hides in plain sight.


-  Rob Lambert

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