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Filmmaking is about creating a community where risk feels safe, where people feel empowered to bring part of themselves to the film. I think the energy of the set imbues itself into the film--in fact, challenges can create the restraint necessary for the right emotional atmosphere. For @cuckthefilm, we played specific music cues (mostly from the Snowtown Murders and Good Time soundtracks) in between setups as a way to ground us consistently to a tone.⁠ .⁠ In lighting this scene, we utilized the existing grimy green fluorescents without any correction. We selectively pulled out overhead bulbs to create shape and falloff. Additionally, we used a mix of negative fill and a litemat corrected to the overheads to wrap the light around the character and add an eyelight. Ultimately, we wanted to avoid glossiness in favor of simplicity and straightforwardness.⁠ .⁠ ⁠ See @cuckthefilm in theaters starting October 4th, available for pre-order on iTunes now. Check out cuckthefilm.com for info.⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ Director: @rimrockpictures⁠⠀⁠ Cinematographer: @nmatthewsfilm⁠⠀⁠ Colorist: @kathraisch⁠ | @company_3⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ #cinematography #directorofphotography #cinematographer #filmmaker #AlexaMini #Alexa #Arri #Zeiss #filmmaking #director #filmdirector #dop #dp #setlife #indiefilm #featurefilm #chasinglight #producer #cineBible #thinkverylittle #portbox⁠⠀

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