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"Sit right next to the camera so the actors see you; see you're in control. Remember that the actors' hands are almost as important as their faces. Hands are very expressive. If you cut hands out of the frame you're losing 30 per cent of the performance.”⁠ - Francis Ford Coppola⁠ .⁠ We emote with our bodies and cinema is uniquely positioned to observe our meaningful micro-behavioral expressions. I love immersing myself into the preproduction process, exploring the psychology of the characters and the world of the film. A heavy preproduction creates the framework for taking risks on set and being open to the inspiration of the moment, because you are present with the performance. It's so easy to miss out on the defining details of the scene (like this) if you're too locked into a shotlist. Often it's the accident or mistake that makes something human. We're not manufacturing a product, filmmaking in a way is an openness to deviation. It's something that our director @rimrockpictures excelled at--shooting for the story, embracing the present, not our preconceived notions about what the scene was. That trusting the process allowed us the freedom to capture some of my favorite moments in film.⁠ .⁠ See @cuckthefilm in theaters starting October 4th, available for pre-order on iTunes now. Check out cuckthefilm.com for info.⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ Director: @rimrockpictures⁠⠀⁠ Cinematographer: @nmatthewsfilm⁠⠀⁠ Colorist: @kathraisch⁠ | @company_3⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ #cinematography #directorofphotography #cinematographer #filmmaker #AlexaMini #Alexa #Arri #Zeiss #filmmaking #director #filmdirector #dop #dp #setlife #indiefilm #featurefilm #chasinglight #producer #cineBible #thinkverylittle #portbox⁠⠀

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