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For @cuckthefilm I wanted to explore pervading darkness. We were etching images out of the shadows. In preproduction, I usually write up a thesis document that lists our key metaphors and rules. For this film, the opening line of that document was "This film is about finding the darkness." We used that to visually reflect the nightmarish fever dream of the character—a world dancing in the dark, illuminated by screens, fluorescents, and security lights. ⁠ .⁠ Director @rimrockpictures and I discussed a specific visual palette for each space and scene as a way to create emotional, visual contrast. Here, we entered a more surrealist landscape, but I always saw the film as grounded naturalism with a hint of impressionism. Practically, I wanted all of our lighting to feel embedded in the space, naturalistically motivated. To that end, this specific moment is lit with a computer screen and literibbon.⁠ .⁠ See @cuckthefilm in theaters starting October 4th, available now for preorder on iTunes. Check out for info.⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ Director: @rimrockpictures⁠⠀⁠ Cinematographer: @nmatthewsfilm⁠⠀⁠ Colorist: @kathraisch⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ .⁠⠀⁠ #cinematography #directorofphotography #cinematographer #filmmaker #AlexaMini #Alexa #Arri #Zeiss #filmmaking #director #filmdirector #dop #dp #setlife #indiefilm #featurefilm #chasinglight #producer #cineBible #thinkverylittle #portbox⁠⠀

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